Our founding partners


Leena is a research and investigations professional with ten years of experience in corporate investigations. She also has market intelligence and customer relationship marketing proficiency since the mid 1990’s. Leena specializes in corporate investigations in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. She also engages in market and competitive intelligence projects. Leena is a native Finnish speaker, and is fluent in English. She also speaks Swedish.



Matteo is an informative assets expert with 15 years of experience in economics, market research, competitive and business intelligence. He is a native Italian speaker and fluent in English and Spanish. He has extensively conducted projects in several B2B and B2C industries across EMEA, Russia, Turkey and USA. 



Ronald is a business research consultant with ten years of experience in corporate investigations and geopolitical analysis. He has a masters degree in history from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and is an ACAMS certified anti-money laundering specialist. Ronald is fluent in English, Dutch and Spanish and has working knowledge of German and French. He is based in Switzerland, from where he and his research team cover the Benelux market, the Dutch Caribbean, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain and beyond.



Anja is an industry and market analyst with 18 years background in market research and competitive intelligence. She is fluent in Scandinavian languages and English.



Markus has over 15 years of experience in market and industry intelligence, supporting clients in various sectors (e.g. consumer goods and services, industrial goods, automotive, medtech, private equity) in questions around strategic business and organisational development. Being based in Stockholm, Markus covers both the Scandinavian region as well as the German-speaking countries of the DACH-region. He is fluent in English, German, and Swedish and also speaks some French, Italian, and Norwegian.



Jussi  is a business information and marketing professional with a long track record in the information industry. He currently holds several board member positions in business information and marketing companies. He has long experience in finding solutions to client´s challenges and a large international network of experts. His market analysis experience extends back to 1992. Jussi is fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English.



Irene has over 20 years of experience in managing pan-European research projects. She combines her experience in corporate strategy and marketing with a keen interest in digital communication and digital transformation. She has done projects in most industries, her focus lies on networked industries, heavy industry and tourism and leisure. Her interests are reading, social media, tennis and speaking to people (in French, German, English, Dutch, Italian or Slovenian).   


Teresa has over 18 years of experience in business intelligence, market research and corporate investigations. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, French, and Italian. She also speaks Spanish. Teresa's project range from market analysis, competitive intelligence, feasibility studies, pre-employment screening for high-level or sensitive positions, to fraud investigations support. She is an expert in collecting hard to get and valuable information. Her main markets are consumer and retail, industrial goods, pharmaceutical industry, telecommunications, energy, construction, real estate sustainability, tourism.